Fortnite Season 5 – How to Fix Crashes and a Black Screen While Playing


Fortnite Period 5 brought a variety of updates, but also what seemed a collection of concerns.

Whilst the game functions well for a lot of individuals, there are a small number who might experience “black display” crashes when the video game tons up.


There are a variety of root causes of this issue – from damaged graphics driver (unlikely) to having problems within Fortnite itself.


Essentially, the black display crashes trouble appears to be caused by the method which the new update has lead a number of documents to come to be damaged or damaged – protecting against the operating system from being able to load the documents it calls for to run the game.




Just like numerous software applications, there are several * prospective * reasons for the problem (in the absence of a specific mistake code, it’s generally the case that a variety of issues can be at the origin of the problem).


To this end, whilst BattlEye as well as the damaged film data are the most likely reasons, the following stands for the complete listing of concerns:


BattlEye malfunctioning

Defective movie files (Period 5 only).

Graphics vehicle driver troubles.

Windows outdated/errors.

Fortnite mistakes.

Computer system registry troubles with Windows.

It’s important to keep in mind that “black screen” crashes normally indicate troubles with the graphics. This coincides throughout the whole spectrum of modern computing.

If you’re not able to get fortnite mod apk working after applying the actions listed below, there might be more details concerns with Windows, or the video game itself.




To fix the underlying concerns, there are a number of steps to go through …


  1. Uninstall BattlEye.


The first step to comply with is to do away with the BattlEye expansion for the Fortnite game.


BattlEye is a third-party “anti-cheat” package utilized with Fortnite, PUBG (and others) to give extra assistance for the system. It’s important, but we can just fix the setup to guarantee that it does not cause any more mistakes:.


Press “Windows” + “E” keys on your key-board.

Surf to “C:/ Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/ Binaries/Win64/BattlEye”.

Select “Uninstall_battlEye. bat” and let the screen procedure the command.

When total, tons up the Legendary Gamings Launcher.

Select the “gear” symbol on the left of the green “Release” button.

From the fall, select “Verify”.

Let the verification procedure run.

After it finishes, reactivate your system.

Upon the reactivate occurring, you need to try loading up Fortnite once more.

If it works, you need to take into consideration the problem solved.


Otherwise …


  1. Get Rid Of Faulty Film Files.


This was a newly discovered spot by a person in the Legendary Games discussion forums – it appears a number of Fortnite “flick” files were actually damaged or damaged.


To do this, you can comply with the actions right here:.


Press “Windows” + “E” keys on your key-board.

Search to “C:/ Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/ Content/Movies/SRT”.

Erase every little thing because folder.

Next, return to the “flicks” folder.

Search for the 3 “FNBR” motion picture documents and also erase them all.

From below, load up the “Legendary Gamings Launcher” once again as well as raise the “Verify” procedure.

If it functions, the problem can be taken into consideration settled.

  1. Re-Install Video Chauffeur.


The following action (if the above 2 do not work) is to re-install your graphics motorist.


This could seem extreme, yet is really reasonably straight-forward – as well as ought to resolve the majority of issues with respect to any video games creating problems.


To do this takes a little bit of time, however deserves it:.


First of all, browse to your favored online search engine + try to find “DDU”.

You ought to find a website called Guru3D with reference to the “Show Vehicle Driver Uninstaller” it developed.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and download and install the application using among the links.

Save the file to your system (you’ll require it after rebooting).

When you have actually downloaded, you need to fill up Windows right into “Safe Mode”.

This varies relying on which variation of Windows you’re running:.


In Windows 7, restart the system as well as press F8 continually before Windows tons. A black screen must appear – use the key-board’s number secrets to select “Safe Setting”.

In Windows 10, press on the “Beginning”, choose the “Power” switch (left “charms” food selection) and then hold CHANGE and also press “Reactivate”.

This will certainly load up a blue “Windows Recuperation Atmosphere” screen, from which you need to click “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Start-up Setup” > “Reboot”.

This will reactivate W10 right into Safe Mode (yes, it’s bothersome however that’s the way it is).

When in “Safe Mode” (in either system), you need to click onto the DDU application you downloaded previously …

Loading the application, you merely require to press the top button, it will certainly perform its work and afterwards reboot your system.

From here, you should enable Windows to set up the graphics driver once again (or if you are intent on making use of the full driver, you’ll intend to most likely to the maker’s website and download it).

Let the driver set up, reboot your COMPUTER once more and then try loading up Fortnite once again.